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Kaitlyn McGill was raised in the small town of Cranbrook, British Columbia, nestled in the warm embrace of the Rocky Mountains. Often described as the adventurous wanderer and avid storyteller of her family, it was no surprise when Kaitlyn ventured beyond the Rocky Mountains to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art & Design. The delicate details of her childhood, and romantically optimistic view of the world around her has led Kaitlyn to the enchanting art of narrative through ceramics and paper cutting. McGill’s work is a sweet and light-hearted collaboration of memory and material as she tells her stories, magically moulded with bits of clay, and delicately carved from sheets of paper. For Kaitlyn, the beauty of life is held together by the little moments, and that is exactly what she aims to illustrate in her artistic practice.

After Graduation, Kaitlyn moved to the quaint town of St.Thomas, Ontario where she continues her practice and is currently the new Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre.


One Comment on “About Me

  1. Now you are the new Artist in Residence at Londons Clay Art Centre!!!
    I think they know how very lucky they are to have found you!

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