Holding on and Letting Go – Life Update

Hello all you wonderful people – It’s been a while… hasn’t it.
Well – A Few things have changed around here and its about time I gave you a Life Update!


Its time that I shared some Bitter Sweet news with you all … Drum roll please for a brief McGill Family Update……

As you know, Cranbrook has been a very special place to my family for over 20 years. My parents moved to Cranbrook in 1992 – and they raised all three of us little rascals in the amazing, beautiful warm embrace of the Rocky Mountains. Its a huge understatement to say that I was Spoiled as a child to have the Rockies as my back yard – and its something I am so, so grateful for. Since then, the 3 little rascals have all grown up – and Ma & Pa have been keeping the McGill family alive and well in Cranbrook for the last few years.

Its hard for me to even type this next sentence – but the McGills will no longer be calling Cranbrook home. I am so sad to be leaving behind not only an amazing home, but the incredible and truly wonderful people that I love so much… Its hard for me to say goodbye to this place, because it holds a spot in my heart that I don’t think could ever be replaced. Cranbrook is where I learned to ride a bike in Highlands School Field … Where I met my best friends – all whom lived in a 3 block radius from our first house. Its where I found my love for the forest , and for the mountains that were always there no matter what direction you turned. Its where our family has planted roots – and they have grown so deep and so strong in our little small town. No matter how many times I have left Cranbrook and no matter how long I was gone – it always welcomed me home in a way I can’t describe in words. Although my parents will be moving on to their new adventures in Kelowna – Cranbrook ( and Hot Shots! ) will always, always be somewhere I will call home.

( Our Back Yard … Ahh I will miss it – plus … typical Deer of Cranbrook!)

On a more cheerful note… I am SO excited for my parents and extremely proud of them for being brave and starting their new lives in Kelowna! As you should all know by now – Mom and Dad sold the Business and are now RETIRED! They have been busy packing up the house and are ready to depart on their journey to the new home next week!

Frank and Kaite Life Update:
…I’m not sure about the rest of you, but here in Ontario – It’s Spring Time!!! Hallelujah! The grass is green(ish), the sun is warm and the days are getting longer. I am thrilled about this!  Its been almost 10 months since I moved out here and man does time have a way of completely flying by you. It feels like just yesterday me and Frank packed up my car to the brim and drove across the country!  As I said – its been a while since my last post and well… A LOT has changed since then!

So here are 5 things that are new and or awesome in our lives….!!!

1.) I bought a KITTEN! Her name is Forest and she is hilarious, curious and amazing! She is a Tabby we adopted from down in Simcoe and I am pretty much in love. Oh yeah… So I was told all my life I was allergic to cats.. looks like that wasn’t true!!!!


It may not look like it – but she really does love me I promise.
So yes – Here is Forest looking all cute and innocent. She is really hyper and crazy most of the time but she has her slow moments too!

2.) Studio Life!  I am still the active Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre – Its been an incredible few months! This term of teaching I have 3 classes! 2 Hand Building classes and 1 Parent and Child Class on Saturday Mornings. Lets just say I absolutely LOVE teaching. It inspires me and gets me excited about clay all over again every week. My students are amazing … I had a 7 year old girl make an mind blowing birdhouse with a canoe AND a couch included for the new spring birdies. Lets just say – I LOVE MY JOB!

My Classroom – I love it! All clean and tidy! Chairs up – ready to go!

3.) Frank – Can I just say … this man is amazing. I know, I know – I’m known for being all lovey dovey over social media but its because HE IS TRULY WONDERFUL. Through all my ups and downs over the last 10 months – This guy has encouraged, strengthened, honoured and loved me through it all. He keeps me smiling every single day and I honestly could not survive without him!

Frank is truly jacked for Spring … you wanna know why? The Rivers open up in 2 weeks and he’s got a whole winter supply of flies he has tied to slay some new fish with! I will say – I do love fly fishing! Its fun and Frank makes it awesome!

4.) My Best Friend is coming on Saturday … for a WHOLE WEEK! This excites me beyond belief. The last time I saw Brianne was in JULY…. And its almost killed me being away from her for so long! So Saturday I get to Pick her up and keep her for 7 amazing days!! I can hardly contain my joy! We met one fateful day at the age of 7 and have been pretty much inseparable since! Ahhhh bring on the reunion!!!


5.) Soon it will be Easter!!! Man I am excited about this! We have an amazing God who died and rose again for us – and what is more exciting to be truly loved like that!! So yeah … I can’t wait to celebrate this 🙂

Alright Folks! Its time for this girl to hit the hay – Its been a long day and an even longer week!
So, Thank you for reading, and sharing a few thoughts with me.

If you see Mom and Dad around town the next few days give them a hug for me!

Love and Miss you all,

Love Always,

Kaite xoxo



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