March Artist of the Month – Evan Morris!

Hello everyone! It is now time again to feature our Artist of the Month! This month I introduce to you Evan Morris! Evan’s work is wildly popular amount our studio members and the Public in London Ontario! I  am always eager to poke around the studio and see what our members are creating and Evans work never fails to impress!

Evan Morris – Life Art:


I first encountered clay in high school in grade 9 art class at South Secondary. I really enjoyed being able to sculpt objects out of it with my hands, even though the end results were not so great.  After doing art all through high school, I went to H.B. Beal’s renowned art program. It was there were I really got to experience clay and realized just how much enjoy creating with it. Hand-building is my favourite technique, specifically slab building.

Evan 3

I used this method to make bowls, tiles, and even a beer spigot as my first projects. With the guidance and valuable wisdom of my ceramics teacher Kim Davy, I was able to discover my style of sculptures that I desired to create.


I plan to create functional objects in this style down the road, possibly at Sheridan where I intend to continue my art education. It will be a challenge as it’s the first time I will be living out of London and away from Family… My main concern is that I hope my brother can live without me 🙂

– Evan Morris

Well, We too hope that your brother can survive without you while you embark on your ceramics journey at Sheridan! We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see the amazing things you create there !
Happy Monday Everyone!

– Kaitlyn


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