February Artist of the Month – David Moynihan

Hello everyone! Its that time again to feature another great Ceramic Artist! This month I am thrilled to present to you David Moynihan. I met David in Late August of 2013 at the London Clay Art Centre – my first Artist in Residence meeting! Not only is he a great artist but he is also a fantastic ceramic technician for the LCAC! Every day I walk into the studio David is hard at work building/fixing and mixing things for our members. We are extremely lucky to have him not only as a technician but as a potter. If you haven’t taken a class with David yet – DO IT! I was lucky enough to help him with a wheel throwing workshop for a few days and I was astonished at how much I learned in a few short sessions! An amazing teacher, artist and dedicated guild member, I present to you the beautiful work of David Moynihan.

A Little Bit About David Moynihan

By Edward John Allen

As a self declared pottery geek, it is safe to say I love dissecting all the parts of the ceramics world. Clay chemistry and particle orientation, glaze science, the fiery breath of a gas kiln, the challenges are addictive!

If I find time to read, I would rather pick up a textbook than a novel.  If you catch me curled up with a cup of tea and a book it is more likely to be “Glaze From Stones” than “Game of Thrones”. Anyone who knows me knows how willing I am to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for clay.  My children may have heard about the golden mean a few more times than they would like. I have the luxury of being surrounded by interesting people who share a love of clay. Whether it is at shows, festivals, workshops, Lambton College, the London Clay Art Centre. I am truly fortunate.


My draw to the arts started from a very early age. I spent much of my youth with my brothers and father, a celebrated teacher, exploring the wealth of knowledge provided by the wilds of South Western Ontario. Through these experiences I gained a humble respect for life that could not be gained any other way.

My mother, a seamstress, the eldest of 12 children, and a farm raised girl; became a master of making what you need from what you have. She taught me to celebrate the value and individuality of people, expressed by her  through her handcrafted works. These and many other early influences from my family can be found in every pot I make and every lesson I present.

David Moyniah 5

I left high school for Lakehead University planning a career teaching English and Art History while further developing my painting. Much to my dismay I was forced to take an introductory ceramics class with Sarah Link.

By Edward John Allen

Well, that was it, one class and I was hooked. Sarah, a celebrated international artist, gentle and sensitive soul, taught me not to be afraid to put myself into my work. She taught me that every thought and emotion in your body can be left in your work through the subtleties of touch.

David Moyniah 2

In true artist fashion I left university to pursue my own directions away from society.  I built a one room rustic cabin in the rain forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  I stayed there with my roommate Bree (a lab collie cross) and my drum for a fantastic 8 month sabbatical that came to an end when my family was missed too much.

David Moyniah 4

Danielle and I have gone through many adventures. Designing for Brothers Potteries both here and abroad, delivering greenware around south western Ontario, showing at Jonathon’s and the Gardiner Museum, teaching at the London Clay Art Centre, teaching at Lambton College, becoming the studio technician at the LCAC. All these and many more coupled with the great adventure of raising our two beautiful children, Kaine and Riley have kept us busy… I wouldn’t trade any of it.

David Moynihan - 1

Looking to the future, I am building a portable pottery studio the saga of which will be on a blog one day soon.

– David Moynihan

If you would like to contact David about his pottery, workshops and future endeavours you can contact him here:





Thank you to everyone who is reading ” Good Morning Mabel”! Stay tuned this week for a Kaite and Frank Life Update as well as some exciting new photos of work in the studio!

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Kaite


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