Life Update for 2014 – A Splendid Beginning

Hello friends, Hello Family – Hello Visitors!


Firstly I want to begin this post with saying Happy New Year! We are 2 weeks into to 2014 and I can already tell that this year is going to be full of exciting things. I know its been a while since me and Frank gave you a Life Update … so here we go!

Christmas Holidays were a truly lovely time spent with friends, family and lots of food! Me and Frank were fortunate enough to fly back to my hometown of Cranbrook – Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Its safe to say that my heart leaped at the sight of those mountains. Big, rocky, snow covered peaks that held me close throughout my childhood and let me go when they felt I was wise enough to depart their comforting presence. Our visit was lovely – a true Canadian Christmas. The snow fell outside as we enjoyed the comforts of my parents wonderful home – so familiar and so full of love. Me and Frank even got to go Ice fishing with our close family friends – we both caught some beautiful Rainbow Trout – Frank was most pleased !

As our Christmas vacation came to and end and our flight departed the quaint little Cranbrook Airport I shed a few tears, knowing that this might be my last visit for quite a while. We flew right over the mountains as the sun came up to greet us. It was beautiful – Like God let the Rockies wave farewell and say” Don’t worry, we’ll see you again”. A kind of ” See you Later” that I appreciated so much.


Me and Frank waiting for our second flight in Calgary Airport!

So know we are home in Ontario!  Getting back into the rhythm of life! And as much as I feel at home in the Rockies, I feel so loved and at home here too. We celebrated NYE with 2 of our closest friends, Abe and Heidi! It was a humble night of coffee, deep conversation and excitement over new things to come!

And New things Have come! And they have come so wonderfully!
As you all know I am the Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre – and I am now their newest addition to their teaching staff. Thats right! I am now an Instructor, teaching my very own Hand-building class on Monday nights! Its safe to say I left our first class last week simply over the moon! I love sharing my love and passion for clay with people and this seems the perfect fit for where I am in life right now! I am so very grateful for the opportunity to not only make my own work, but to begin establishing my career in Ceramics. There is absolutely no studio i’d rather be working in then the LPG. I am greeted daily with smiles and a warm atmosphere – I feel truly blessed to be a part of their community.

Frank is back working! After the large amount of fishing paraphernalia my family got frank for Christmas ( It was hilarious and awesome) I believe they have lit a new fire under Franks passion for the outdoors! We are excited for the winter to fade and for spring/summer to bloom again! We’ve had a few mild days here in Ontario and have taken full advantage of the warm weather – even going on a early January bike ride yesterday!
( FINALLY put fairy lights up in my room – this has been on my List of things to do for pretty much all my life haha )

Just a few things we’d like to do this year….
1.) Camping!
2.) See the Northern Lights ( You can see them from London come October)
3.) Dry Fly Lake Fishing – All types of fishing too
4.) Hiking – We do love the forest
5.) Lead or get involved with our Youth Group

Here are also a few goals I have this year …
1.) Read more! – Books, Bible, Blogs! I want to read it all!
2.) Start Singing again – Its been far too long
3.) Have my first Solo Show with the LPG – and have fun doing it!
4.) Learn to put others above myself
5.) Take more pictures – It seems I have failed miserably in this category this past year!
6.) Get to the Gym – at Least 3 times a week!
7.) Get Etsy up and Running – Ahhhhhh

I hope you all have enjoyed this update from me and Frank! May God bless your day and new year to come! Happy 2014 everyone, lets make the most of it!


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