Alright… So it’s been a while.

Hello everyone! For all of those who haven’t seen my smiling face in a while, Here it is!


As you can see by my lack of Blog Posts lately, I have been one busy lady!
Things here in London are picking up quite a bit for me. I am currently working and volunteering at the London Clay Arts Centre where I have been making my own work as well as assisting some classes. It feels so nice to work in a studio full of warm and welcome people! This past week I have been designing decal pages, glaze testing, making jewelry to launch my Etsy store and making my functional work for some upcoming sales before Christmas!

Here are some photos of the studio!





I don’t have my own official studio space yet as the studio is working very hard to get all the walls built and finished. The upstairs studios look fantastic and I am looking forward to having a special little space all of my own hopefully early next week.

Here are some pictures of the Glaze tests and Decals soon to come on my new line of functional pottery….



This weekend is Culture Days in London! I’ll be giving studio tours this weekend and there will be many fun activities and demonstrations for both adults and kids! So… If you are in the area and have been looking into taking some classes… this weekend is the perfect time to bring the family down!  For more information

On another neat note! The LPG has also put my Bio up on their website as the new Artist in Residence! You can check it out here :

Check out my next Post for a new Kaite Life Update!


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