Exciting News!

Hello my dear friends…

The last few days have been completely wonderful! On Wednesday, I got some really wonderful news! As I mentioned in a previous post – I had applied for an Artist Residency in lovely London, Ontario! To my wonderful surprise my application was accepted and I am now one of the new Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre!


I am beyond excited to call this place my new home for the next year! I’ve already gone for a tour of the studio – the cheerful and delightful atmosphere of this Potters Studio is the perfect place to start my Post Graduate Making and Experimenting!

Check out their website here http://www.londonpottersguild.org/
If you’re in the area and would love to join some classes check out the many options available!

After hearing about my acceptance my brain is now in full blown making mode. Sketching, Paper cutting and getting my ideas out on paper is just one way I prepare myself to start making! One of my favourite artists, and past teacher, Janice Jakielski, once told me … ” Work with how you work”. This has been some of the most influential advice as an artist I could have been given. We all have different ways of working. We all have different things that inspire us – and sometimes we just need to know what works best for us!

You can find her amazing work here http://janicejakielski.com/ (Ammmazinggg)

A note for all of you who follow my blog…. be prepared! In the next few weeks this little writing station is going to blow up with all lovely things ceramics! This blog will be full of my life updates – and my inspiration station!

On a quick side note – You can now get Color Decals in CANADA! This is an amazing thing for us Canadian Ceramics Buffs! Mariko at Foreage Studios has now started printing and shipping colour decals for a great price! Find the site and instructions here … http://foragestudios.squarespace.com/decal-love/

Thanks for reading!



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