Golden Hour Bike Rides

Life Update!

Happy Friday Everyone!! I hope that you have all had a wonderful week.
This week has been a full and exciting one! I finally finished painting my apartment. Once I get all my art up on the walls I will take some nice photos of my home studio space and my room. I will say one thing.. Palladian Blue – you are my dream room colour come to life! ( Thanks to my lovely interior designing sister who recommended it to me ) *wink wink*

Its safe to say I know ALL the thrift stores in a 20 km radius of my house and have visited them various times this week… not to mention i’ve found some super awesome pieces for cheap! Woot Woot! Keep an eye out for a blog post on my Thrift Store Finds in the near future.

Speaking of great and cheap finds…. last weekend me and Frank went to a variety of great yard sales…. and I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to my life.
This my dear friends, is Daisy. ( She is the navy Blue Bike in Front )


Originally 30 bucks, Frank bartered her down to 20.00 even and I couldn’t be more in love with her. After a little bit of grease and some lovin’ she runs like a beauty! Franks bike is pretty awesome as well 🙂 We are hoping one weekend to give these two a little face lift with some paint and special custom treats for the blog!  Daisy…. Do I sense some baby yellow and white in your near future…. yes I think so.


I do have to say Frank is quite the photographer – He captured a few really great moments from our week!

Here is some pics from our Walk to Big Tree !



And this… is one of my favourite places on earth. A short little walk through the Tobacco fields and into the forest to Big Tree. ❤


This lovely shot was taken by one of frank’s sisters! 🙂

A few more updates….
Job/ Art Front…. Some potentially exciting news! I’ve applied for an Artist in Residence position.. hopefully in the next week or two i’ll be able to tell you all if i’ve gotten it or not! So! Prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated on that front – it would be an amazing opportunity for me to continue on with my ceramic pursuits! Fingers Crossed 🙂

Also I wanted to shout out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow to my beautiful sister in law! You are such an amazing woman and we are so so so proud to have you be a part of our funny little family! I wish you the most wonderful day Veronika!! Hugs!
As I continue to miss all my friends and family, I also continue to fall in love with Ontario too! Stay tuned for some more blog posts in the near future!  I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Till next time, xoxo



2 Comments on “Golden Hour Bike Rides

  1. Yay:) love that big tree !!!! Lets go there when I come visit ! Can’t wait for inside photos of your place ! Loving this blog!! Ps. Great photos frank!

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