Capture it – Remember it.


One thing that has always fascinated me is the ability to capture a moment in time. Photos are amazing and with technology these days it’s so easy for us to document the most precious things in our lives. Our family, friends, and everything in-between. I love taking pictures, because when I see them days, months or even years down the road it takes me right back to that moment. Pictures help trigger my memory about all the little things that happened that day – I treasure that so much.

On a cute little side note I just really wanted to mention one photographer who I absolutely love … Carmyn Joy Effa. You can check out her portfolio at
Also you can find her blog at

If you think her photos are beautiful, just wait until you meet Carmyn. She is one of the most humble and talented artists I have had the privilege of meeting. Amazing photos – Amazing girl!


For a Kaitlyn Update…things here in Ontario are going really well! Even though there are days where I pine for the Rocky Mountains, I am learning to see just as much grace and beauty in the open farmlands I now call home. My next goal is to get a good photo to show you just how beautiful Ontario really is! For those of you reading for my life updates – I’m still job hunting – waiting to hear back from an interview and settling into my place as best I can. I’ve visited the Ceramics Studio in London this week – its safe to say i’m in LOVE and I can’t wait to get my hands back on some clay!
( I’ll post on that once i’m all settled there too! )


So, in the spirit of documenting this wonderful thing called life I’ve decided to take more pictures. This is a small taste of our past weekend. In the midst of moving, painting, and job hunting we took the time to enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate the beautiful world God created. Sometimes slowing down to enjoy breakfast in the park and a nice drive is exactly what your soul needs. Oh…and a little fishing too.


P.S. This is my favourite photo from the entire weekend. Frank Jumped up to run to the camera to see how our self timed photo had turned out and seeing this picture made me smile so big – such a great testament that sometimes the most honest photos aren’t picture perfect.


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