DIY : Kaite’s Kitchen Table

DIY: Kaite’s Kitchen Table

Hello everyone!
Last night something wonderful happened… Frank and I, with the wonderful help from his two sisters Christina and Sara painted and stained my kitchen table.

I first got the idea to paint this table from a lovely lady named Hope! A few of my close girlfriends in calgary all share a cute little house together and when I saw their kitchen table I fell in Love! Hope told me she re did it herself and it then became my mission to make one of my own when I moved.

This was my first attempt at redoing any kind of furniture, so I did some research into what type of paint and finish I wanted. I ended up buying a can of Chalk Paint and a Vintage Antique Wax finish from a local store here in St. Thomas called Annies Things. The first thing I have to say is … I LOVE this paint. I will never go back to using regular paint on anything I refinish again. Chalk Paint is incredible.


What I like about Chalk Paint:
Super easy to use.
It dries super fast.  (Great for doing multiple coats)
It grips the wood great.
The finished colour is even and wonderful.

Now some of you are most likely wondering… did I sand this table down before painting. In this case – Yes I did. I bought this kitchen table off of kijiji – and it was a little roughed up. It was a light pine coloured table with burn marks, highlighter stains and massive dents in the top. But! Frank sanded it down for me and with a few minutes of elbow grease the table top looked as good as new! (Thanks Frank)

There are products and primers these days that would eliminate the task of sanding, but due to the condition of the table top and Franks access to power tools – it was just as easy to sand it down!

Lucky for me the legs on my kitchen table screw off and made painting extremely easy! I used 3 coats of paint on each leg for the nice stark white I achieved.

After we let the legs dry I lightly sanded them down and applied the Antique wax to cure the paint to protect it! At first I didn’t know what to think about the wax – but after I got used to it and we buffed the access off, I couldn’t be happier with the finish. Smooth, Soft and buttery kitchen table legs 🙂

Now – the scary part. Staining the table top. Staining wood is messy – and it can easily get everywhere… as me and frank soon found out. After attempting to paint the stain on, we decided the old fashioned rag method would work better for us.Luckily Frank doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty – so he did most of the messy work from this point on. After the stain dried I finished it in the same way I cured the white legs – with the Antique Wax.
Here are a few shots of us working, included what the table looked like before!

Everyone knows I absolutely love dark wood with white accents… and now that I have more then half the chalk paint left over and a lot of extra wax I’ll be on the lookout for my next furniture redo…

Finished Table!

Happy Friday and Lord Bless!

– Kaitlyn


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