Good Morning Mabel – The First Chapter

Good Morning Mabel – My Beautiful One
For those of you wondering what kind of blog this is going to be, its going to be a whole lot of everything!
As many of you know I am a potter, artist, ceramicist ( call it what you’d like! ) and I will be posting many of my artworks, process in the studio and the art I will be creating here in Ontario. I will also be posting my favourite recipes, a large variety of DIY’s including my Kijiji Kitchen Table Redo – and much much more!

So! If you love Art, Baking, Making, DIY and everything in-between, Please follow my Blog!

Ontario – The Next Chapter

Greetings from the beautiful farmlands!
After a wonderful visit with my family in British Columbia – I know write to you from the local coffee shop in my cute little Ontario Town. As most of my close friends and family know, I have recently left the warm embrace of the rocky mountains of British Columbia to welcome the wide open corn fields of Ontario. My first week in Ontario has been nothing less then charming. Moving into my adorably perfect heritage house apartment was a dream come true and unpacking has been quite fun! Other then “nesting” my things into their perfect little places, Frank has lent my his old rickety bike with one pedal and I couldn’t be happier to adventure the delightful streets that I now call home.

65923_10151486994772927_356283083_nFrank :)

Moving is a HUGE step – and one that came very fast! Deciding to leave my close friends and family was not an easy choice to make, but one I feel is the right choice for me at this season in life. My family will fully agree when I say I am a hopeless romantic – and what kind of romantic would I be if I didn’t pick up my life and move for love!
This is Frank – My best friend, my partner in crime and one of the brightest lights in my life.  This is us! And this blog will follow many of our adventures !

The Dream Apartment
Looking for apartments can be tedious and time consuming – luckily The Good Lord answered my prayers and provided my my absolute Dream Apartment. The moment I saw this little red door on an apartment add on kijiji I just knew I would love this house.  Original Hardwood floors, 8 foot ceilings, clean white trim and beautiful windows are just a few things I love about my new home.
Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.30.10 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.30.27 PM

With this amazing apartment comes the joys of moving in and making it my own!
This weekend I will be painting! Yes! Painting – my Land Lords are kind of amazing and are letting my pick my own paint colours – Amazing – I know!

So… stay tuned for the Before and After photos of my new Home Studio and my Bedroom!

As I end this post I will leave you with a little explanation of my Blog Title – Good Morning Mabel…
The name Mabel translates to ” My Beautiful One ” – and that is how I choose to embrace every new day.

Goodnight from the little red door down the street. Xoxo
– Kaitlyn


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