Hello Everyone!  Spring has finally come!

It has finally began to look and feel like the beginning of Summer here in Ontario! I am absolutely loving the sunshine, and even the rain and humidity we’ve had the last few days… Anything is better then the long winter and the rain has made everything lush and green again!

With Spring flowers and new growth it seems only fitting that I would introduce to you my new line of work. I am so very excited to share these photos with you! Frank said it best when he shared with me that he thinks this new line is more ” Me” then anything i’ve done before, and I couldn’t agree more!  Please let me know what you all think …. xoxo

Tea Bag / Spoon Rests…

Ring Holders for your Nightstand…

IMG_9965 IMG_9963
Birch Mugs… And Yes Mom, I am bringing you home 2 this summer…. xo

Polka Dot Madness…



And More Spoons….

Baby House Planters

Succulent Planter Boxes….

Carved Wood Grain Vases / Planters


This past weekend was also the London Potters Guild held our annual Spring Sale … Here are a few treasured photos from our show! I always have so much fun setting up my Booth 🙂


A Few Detail shots from the table…

IMG_0081 IMG_0080 IMG_0079 IMG_0078 IMG_0077

Thank you all so much for checking out my new work! I have some exciting news to share with you guys in a few days….!! So Stay Tuned for an awesome announcement!

– xoxox Kaite


Holding on and Letting Go – Life Update

Hello all you wonderful people – It’s been a while… hasn’t it.
Well – A Few things have changed around here and its about time I gave you a Life Update!


Its time that I shared some Bitter Sweet news with you all … Drum roll please for a brief McGill Family Update……

As you know, Cranbrook has been a very special place to my family for over 20 years. My parents moved to Cranbrook in 1992 – and they raised all three of us little rascals in the amazing, beautiful warm embrace of the Rocky Mountains. Its a huge understatement to say that I was Spoiled as a child to have the Rockies as my back yard – and its something I am so, so grateful for. Since then, the 3 little rascals have all grown up – and Ma & Pa have been keeping the McGill family alive and well in Cranbrook for the last few years.

Its hard for me to even type this next sentence – but the McGills will no longer be calling Cranbrook home. I am so sad to be leaving behind not only an amazing home, but the incredible and truly wonderful people that I love so much… Its hard for me to say goodbye to this place, because it holds a spot in my heart that I don’t think could ever be replaced. Cranbrook is where I learned to ride a bike in Highlands School Field … Where I met my best friends – all whom lived in a 3 block radius from our first house. Its where I found my love for the forest , and for the mountains that were always there no matter what direction you turned. Its where our family has planted roots – and they have grown so deep and so strong in our little small town. No matter how many times I have left Cranbrook and no matter how long I was gone – it always welcomed me home in a way I can’t describe in words. Although my parents will be moving on to their new adventures in Kelowna – Cranbrook ( and Hot Shots! ) will always, always be somewhere I will call home.

( Our Back Yard … Ahh I will miss it – plus … typical Deer of Cranbrook!)

On a more cheerful note… I am SO excited for my parents and extremely proud of them for being brave and starting their new lives in Kelowna! As you should all know by now – Mom and Dad sold the Business and are now RETIRED! They have been busy packing up the house and are ready to depart on their journey to the new home next week!

Frank and Kaite Life Update:
…I’m not sure about the rest of you, but here in Ontario – It’s Spring Time!!! Hallelujah! The grass is green(ish), the sun is warm and the days are getting longer. I am thrilled about this!  Its been almost 10 months since I moved out here and man does time have a way of completely flying by you. It feels like just yesterday me and Frank packed up my car to the brim and drove across the country!  As I said – its been a while since my last post and well… A LOT has changed since then!

So here are 5 things that are new and or awesome in our lives….!!!

1.) I bought a KITTEN! Her name is Forest and she is hilarious, curious and amazing! She is a Tabby we adopted from down in Simcoe and I am pretty much in love. Oh yeah… So I was told all my life I was allergic to cats.. looks like that wasn’t true!!!!


It may not look like it – but she really does love me I promise.
So yes – Here is Forest looking all cute and innocent. She is really hyper and crazy most of the time but she has her slow moments too!

2.) Studio Life!  I am still the active Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre – Its been an incredible few months! This term of teaching I have 3 classes! 2 Hand Building classes and 1 Parent and Child Class on Saturday Mornings. Lets just say I absolutely LOVE teaching. It inspires me and gets me excited about clay all over again every week. My students are amazing … I had a 7 year old girl make an mind blowing birdhouse with a canoe AND a couch included for the new spring birdies. Lets just say – I LOVE MY JOB!

My Classroom – I love it! All clean and tidy! Chairs up – ready to go!

3.) Frank – Can I just say … this man is amazing. I know, I know – I’m known for being all lovey dovey over social media but its because HE IS TRULY WONDERFUL. Through all my ups and downs over the last 10 months – This guy has encouraged, strengthened, honoured and loved me through it all. He keeps me smiling every single day and I honestly could not survive without him!

Frank is truly jacked for Spring … you wanna know why? The Rivers open up in 2 weeks and he’s got a whole winter supply of flies he has tied to slay some new fish with! I will say – I do love fly fishing! Its fun and Frank makes it awesome!

4.) My Best Friend is coming on Saturday … for a WHOLE WEEK! This excites me beyond belief. The last time I saw Brianne was in JULY…. And its almost killed me being away from her for so long! So Saturday I get to Pick her up and keep her for 7 amazing days!! I can hardly contain my joy! We met one fateful day at the age of 7 and have been pretty much inseparable since! Ahhhh bring on the reunion!!!


5.) Soon it will be Easter!!! Man I am excited about this! We have an amazing God who died and rose again for us – and what is more exciting to be truly loved like that!! So yeah … I can’t wait to celebrate this 🙂

Alright Folks! Its time for this girl to hit the hay – Its been a long day and an even longer week!
So, Thank you for reading, and sharing a few thoughts with me.

If you see Mom and Dad around town the next few days give them a hug for me!

Love and Miss you all,

Love Always,

Kaite xoxo


March Artist of the Month – Evan Morris!

Hello everyone! It is now time again to feature our Artist of the Month! This month I introduce to you Evan Morris! Evan’s work is wildly popular amount our studio members and the Public in London Ontario! I  am always eager to poke around the studio and see what our members are creating and Evans work never fails to impress!

Evan Morris – Life Art:


I first encountered clay in high school in grade 9 art class at South Secondary. I really enjoyed being able to sculpt objects out of it with my hands, even though the end results were not so great.  After doing art all through high school, I went to H.B. Beal’s renowned art program. It was there were I really got to experience clay and realized just how much enjoy creating with it. Hand-building is my favourite technique, specifically slab building.

Evan 3

I used this method to make bowls, tiles, and even a beer spigot as my first projects. With the guidance and valuable wisdom of my ceramics teacher Kim Davy, I was able to discover my style of sculptures that I desired to create.


I plan to create functional objects in this style down the road, possibly at Sheridan where I intend to continue my art education. It will be a challenge as it’s the first time I will be living out of London and away from Family… My main concern is that I hope my brother can live without me 🙂

– Evan Morris

Well, We too hope that your brother can survive without you while you embark on your ceramics journey at Sheridan! We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see the amazing things you create there !
Happy Monday Everyone!

– Kaitlyn

Short & Sweet

Hello Everyone! I want to keep this post short and sweet !
These are just some quick photos i’ve taken of my newest work at the studio! Its quite different from anything i’ve done in the past but I am so excited about my new process of making!

I hope you guys enjoy my Studio Work Update! God Bless! xoxox – K


Cup Cake Stand with a little wee house that will one day hold a paper cut 🙂 Image
Creme & Sugar


A little Jar for Sweets and  sugar things!

My very first flower brick! Kinda looks like a Tug Boat!


More little houses to fill with paper cuts!


My first attempt at a little stand – a little wobbly but we will work out the wobble eventually !




Little house on a little Cake Stand


Some more little stands I made 🙂 Kinda like a little wee Cake!

Thanks you so much for checking out my new work! Stay tuned for these pieces glazed and finished in the near future!

Have a Great Weekend! God Bless!

– xoxox Kaite

February Artist of the Month – David Moynihan

Hello everyone! Its that time again to feature another great Ceramic Artist! This month I am thrilled to present to you David Moynihan. I met David in Late August of 2013 at the London Clay Art Centre – my first Artist in Residence meeting! Not only is he a great artist but he is also a fantastic ceramic technician for the LCAC! Every day I walk into the studio David is hard at work building/fixing and mixing things for our members. We are extremely lucky to have him not only as a technician but as a potter. If you haven’t taken a class with David yet – DO IT! I was lucky enough to help him with a wheel throwing workshop for a few days and I was astonished at how much I learned in a few short sessions! An amazing teacher, artist and dedicated guild member, I present to you the beautiful work of David Moynihan.

A Little Bit About David Moynihan

By Edward John Allen

As a self declared pottery geek, it is safe to say I love dissecting all the parts of the ceramics world. Clay chemistry and particle orientation, glaze science, the fiery breath of a gas kiln, the challenges are addictive!

If I find time to read, I would rather pick up a textbook than a novel.  If you catch me curled up with a cup of tea and a book it is more likely to be “Glaze From Stones” than “Game of Thrones”. Anyone who knows me knows how willing I am to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for clay.  My children may have heard about the golden mean a few more times than they would like. I have the luxury of being surrounded by interesting people who share a love of clay. Whether it is at shows, festivals, workshops, Lambton College, the London Clay Art Centre. I am truly fortunate.


My draw to the arts started from a very early age. I spent much of my youth with my brothers and father, a celebrated teacher, exploring the wealth of knowledge provided by the wilds of South Western Ontario. Through these experiences I gained a humble respect for life that could not be gained any other way.

My mother, a seamstress, the eldest of 12 children, and a farm raised girl; became a master of making what you need from what you have. She taught me to celebrate the value and individuality of people, expressed by her  through her handcrafted works. These and many other early influences from my family can be found in every pot I make and every lesson I present.

David Moyniah 5

I left high school for Lakehead University planning a career teaching English and Art History while further developing my painting. Much to my dismay I was forced to take an introductory ceramics class with Sarah Link.

By Edward John Allen

Well, that was it, one class and I was hooked. Sarah, a celebrated international artist, gentle and sensitive soul, taught me not to be afraid to put myself into my work. She taught me that every thought and emotion in your body can be left in your work through the subtleties of touch.

David Moyniah 2

In true artist fashion I left university to pursue my own directions away from society.  I built a one room rustic cabin in the rain forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  I stayed there with my roommate Bree (a lab collie cross) and my drum for a fantastic 8 month sabbatical that came to an end when my family was missed too much.

David Moyniah 4

Danielle and I have gone through many adventures. Designing for Brothers Potteries both here and abroad, delivering greenware around south western Ontario, showing at Jonathon’s and the Gardiner Museum, teaching at the London Clay Art Centre, teaching at Lambton College, becoming the studio technician at the LCAC. All these and many more coupled with the great adventure of raising our two beautiful children, Kaine and Riley have kept us busy… I wouldn’t trade any of it.

David Moynihan - 1

Looking to the future, I am building a portable pottery studio the saga of which will be on a blog one day soon.

– David Moynihan

If you would like to contact David about his pottery, workshops and future endeavours you can contact him here:




Thank you to everyone who is reading ” Good Morning Mabel”! Stay tuned this week for a Kaite and Frank Life Update as well as some exciting new photos of work in the studio!

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Kaite

January Artist of the Month – Lynn Haslam

Hello Everyone! The time has come once again to feature our Artist of the Month and I am over the moon to introduce you to Lynn Haslam! Lynn has been a wonderful artist to work alongside with and also a wonderful friend! My First week in the studio Lynn took me under her wing and showed me one of London’s wonderful ceramic galleries, talked with me about our love of clay and has continually embraced me as a welcome member of the London Pottery Guild Family. Not only is Lynn a talented Artist – she is an extremely involved volunteer! From getting to know Lynn over the last few months I know our guild wouldn’t be the amazing place it is without all her passion and proactive attitude. Her work is truly fresh and inspiring and reflects Lynn’s personality perfectly. I present to you, Lynn Haslam.

Lynn A. Haslam Artist Bio



Lynn Haslam studied Visual Arts and Art History while at Western University but her education in clay started years before while studying at the Hamilton Japanese Cultural Centre with Harold “Tak” Takayesu. Later, at Canadore College, Keith Campbell inspired her to express her interests through clay rather than making strictly functional ware.



After years of gardening and studying horticulture and botany, Lynn’s current work reflects the diversity of flora in colour and form. The juxtaposition of the rough, bland exterior of seeds and bulbs with the silken texture and bright colours of the interior of flowers are captured in her vessels. Adventures near Algonquin Park, including long hikes and a frightening canoe trip in a thunderstorm, are the inspiration for a new series of large bowls.



History and Family

Lynn now lives in London but has lived in the near North and spent some years living near the sea  – on an island in the Scottish Hebrides and in Halifax.

While homeschooling her sons, Callum and Isaac, time was too limited to allow much studio time. Now that the boys are launched into their university careers, Lynn has a studio at the gorgeous London Clay Art Centre and is inspired by other guild members.

Her husband (of 27 years!) David contributes to her creations by giving his unwavering support. He is also excellent at carrying canoes and being a calming influence when paddling through thunderstorms and listening to his paddling partner scream “We are going to die!”


If you would like to see more of Lynn’s work please check her page out on the London Potters Guild Website here:
You can also email her at

Thanks everyone for checking in with us here at Good Morning Mabel! I hope that you are all having a great week! xoxoxo – Kaitlyn

Life Update for 2014 – A Splendid Beginning

Hello friends, Hello Family – Hello Visitors!


Firstly I want to begin this post with saying Happy New Year! We are 2 weeks into to 2014 and I can already tell that this year is going to be full of exciting things. I know its been a while since me and Frank gave you a Life Update … so here we go!

Christmas Holidays were a truly lovely time spent with friends, family and lots of food! Me and Frank were fortunate enough to fly back to my hometown of Cranbrook – Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Its safe to say that my heart leaped at the sight of those mountains. Big, rocky, snow covered peaks that held me close throughout my childhood and let me go when they felt I was wise enough to depart their comforting presence. Our visit was lovely – a true Canadian Christmas. The snow fell outside as we enjoyed the comforts of my parents wonderful home – so familiar and so full of love. Me and Frank even got to go Ice fishing with our close family friends – we both caught some beautiful Rainbow Trout – Frank was most pleased !

As our Christmas vacation came to and end and our flight departed the quaint little Cranbrook Airport I shed a few tears, knowing that this might be my last visit for quite a while. We flew right over the mountains as the sun came up to greet us. It was beautiful – Like God let the Rockies wave farewell and say” Don’t worry, we’ll see you again”. A kind of ” See you Later” that I appreciated so much.


Me and Frank waiting for our second flight in Calgary Airport!

So know we are home in Ontario!  Getting back into the rhythm of life! And as much as I feel at home in the Rockies, I feel so loved and at home here too. We celebrated NYE with 2 of our closest friends, Abe and Heidi! It was a humble night of coffee, deep conversation and excitement over new things to come!

And New things Have come! And they have come so wonderfully!
As you all know I am the Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre – and I am now their newest addition to their teaching staff. Thats right! I am now an Instructor, teaching my very own Hand-building class on Monday nights! Its safe to say I left our first class last week simply over the moon! I love sharing my love and passion for clay with people and this seems the perfect fit for where I am in life right now! I am so very grateful for the opportunity to not only make my own work, but to begin establishing my career in Ceramics. There is absolutely no studio i’d rather be working in then the LPG. I am greeted daily with smiles and a warm atmosphere – I feel truly blessed to be a part of their community.

Frank is back working! After the large amount of fishing paraphernalia my family got frank for Christmas ( It was hilarious and awesome) I believe they have lit a new fire under Franks passion for the outdoors! We are excited for the winter to fade and for spring/summer to bloom again! We’ve had a few mild days here in Ontario and have taken full advantage of the warm weather – even going on a early January bike ride yesterday!
( FINALLY put fairy lights up in my room – this has been on my List of things to do for pretty much all my life haha )

Just a few things we’d like to do this year….
1.) Camping!
2.) See the Northern Lights ( You can see them from London come October)
3.) Dry Fly Lake Fishing – All types of fishing too
4.) Hiking – We do love the forest
5.) Lead or get involved with our Youth Group

Here are also a few goals I have this year …
1.) Read more! – Books, Bible, Blogs! I want to read it all!
2.) Start Singing again – Its been far too long
3.) Have my first Solo Show with the LPG – and have fun doing it!
4.) Learn to put others above myself
5.) Take more pictures – It seems I have failed miserably in this category this past year!
6.) Get to the Gym – at Least 3 times a week!
7.) Get Etsy up and Running – Ahhhhhh

I hope you all have enjoyed this update from me and Frank! May God bless your day and new year to come! Happy 2014 everyone, lets make the most of it!

December Artist of the Month

Hello Everyone! I’ve taken a break from the cold Ontario weather to cuddle up at home and write our December Artist of the Month post! This month we are featuring the lovely Christina Tischler! It is such a nice surprise when I walk into the London Clay Art Centre and get to see Christina’s smiling face in the studio! Her passion and excitement for clay is so refreshing and she has been such a lovely addition to our members at the LPG!

I am so excited to present to you the work of Christina Tischler…

Christina Tischler – Artist Statement

A mother and a wife, Christina enjoys embracing her wildly creative side.  After graduating with her diploma in Police Foundations and working towards her B.A. in Criminal Justice, she was drawn to pursue her love of art, enrolling in her first ceramics class in 2006.  In-between the joys of life and raising children, Christina continued to enjoy classes offered through the London Potters Guild in Ontario, deciding to join the guild as an official member in 2011.  Falling in love with her artistic self in her mid twenties, Christina continues to create her way through her early thirties.


A few words from Christina about her artistic practice….

“I take pleasure in wading through all the creative ways I can essentially transform a mound of mud.   I really enjoy incorporating the beauty of nature, the power of words, as well as my children’s art into my ceramics.  I embrace how a certain memory, or moment in time can be captured forever in clay.  Not only do I love ceramics, but I also love to experiment with different mediums.  I have a passion for photography, and specialize in custom jewelry making.   I also dabble in diverse pursuits such as fibre arts, glass fusing and blowing, chainsaw carving, lino cutting,wood working and silkscreening.  As you can see, I have a strong desire to embrace my creativity, and feel it’s an essential facet of life.”


Last but not least here is a photo of the amazing leather and ceramic Cuffs that Christina makes! Me and Christina made a trade at our annual Fall sale and I happily wear my new cuff everywhere! 


Thank you all so much for reading! Stay tuned for a Kaitlyn and Frank Life Update to come very soon! 

xoxox – Kaitlyn


Winter Wonderland – Fall LPG Sale

Hello everyone!!

Its safe to say my days lately have been consumed in ceramics! Making, Making, Making, carving, glazing, decal applications and loading and unloading kilns…. it has been one full month!! This weekend was our London Potters Guild Fall Sale and it was a delightful experience! We all braved heaps of snow falling around us to pack our cars and set up our booths for a weekend of fun.


Here is my table full of little goodies! Thanks to Frank for helping me set everything up so nicely! He even had the smart idea to hang my necklaces to conserve space – He is 10000% A keeper


Before my sales I always think its important to document my work.  I had the chance to use our handy dandy photo boothdownstairs to take some new photos ! Hope you guys enjoy the new work – I know i’ve had a blast making it!



I love experimenting with decals on my tumblers – The make these cups really fun and light hearted!


Most of you who know me well will find these next few pieces familiar… The Birch Trees are Back!!! I couldn’t stay away from them! I love using this technique of carving through wax to inlay underglaze to get these fine lines – so fun and satisfying!





I was really pleased with the group of decals I ordered from Forage Studios! Mariko is a well known name in the Ceramics community and not only was I thrilled with the decals, working with Mariko is always such a joy! My decals were printed and shipped to me so quickly and they work like a dream! Anyone looking to order colour decals – Mariko is your girl!

I also had a lot of fun with these little hanging baskets! I’m digging the red, white and black contrast! 

Here are also some quick photos of my new necklace line! To all my friends back in Beautiful British Columbia I will be bringing some of these guys home with me – if you are looking for Christmas Gifts or stocking stuffers give me a shout!


Thanks for tuning in guys! Check back this week for a Kaitlyn Life Update and a New Artist of the Month Feature for the London Potters Guild!  xoxo – K

P.S. On a really cool note … I just found out today I was feature about a month ago on my favourite ceramics blog ” Musing about Mud ” . I am over the moon excited about this!! This blog has been a huge source of inspiration for me and i’m so blessed to have been a part of the emerging artist profile feature!
You can read the feature here

Featured Artist of the Month: Sandy Harquail

Hello Everyone! During my time here at the London Clay Art Centre I thought I would give you all a Monthly taste of the wonderful pots and wonderful people I get to see everyday! It is with great joy I introduce to you our October Artist of the Month – Sandy Harquail


Sandy Harquail

Artist Bio:

I began my exploration of ceramics in high school in small town St. Clair, Michigan in an independent study program.  Through this program I discovered a love of clay that led me to pursue the arts at Eastern Michigan University where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in ceramics.

When I look back at my youth I see the influences of creative people all around me, my father is a finish carpenter and is a precision craftsman who taught me to see the details in any medium. My grandmother created slip cast porcelain wares; I spent many days watching her paint delicate flowers on the bodies of her pots.

I came to Canada in 2006 and have enjoyed discovering the rich ceramics culture here that has such diverse connections to traditions from around the world.





Not only are her pots delightful, Sandy herself is a great ray of sunshine in our studio.
If you would like to tell Sandy how wonderful her work is her contact information is provided below.



 Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tuned for our next Featured Artist in November!

xoxo – K


I dearly love to laugh

Natalie Breuer

Natalie. Writer. Photographer. Etc.


Life on another coast